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Age Gap – does it matter?

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Blake are a gorgeous couple no doubt, admired and celebrated by gay men all over for representing love and companionship between two men – something which inspires gay men of all ages. The interesting thing is that there is a 20 years age-gap between them.

Age-Gap This perhaps gives hope not just to men looking for love and companionship but also specifically to men who mostly prefer partners of a different age to themselves?  Stephen Fry, the British actor, comedian, author and game show host, recently got married to a man 30 years his junior. They look happy. Mr. Fry has had other previous relationships where the age gap was about the same; he obviously likes them young. Are 30 years too much of an age gap? Are 20 years too much of an age gap? Are 10 years OK? Why?


Some people believe partners in a relationship with big age gaps would face great problems eventually because we as humans find ourselves at very different developmental stages in our lives; a young person would develop a great deal over the years and may change his mind, as to what he wants in life. A relationship for the older person would, therefore, be a ‘high risk’ emotional investment – if he falls in love wit the young person? An older person knows himself better and knows what he wants?

Zachary Quinto, 38, and Miles McMillan, 25

Love and relationships could be a much more serious matter for an older guy who wants to settle down, where as the younger man may suddenly feel that he wants to play the field more? They may deep down, have very different needs, different interests, and different hobbies? .. or is it just a matter of two wonderfully matching souls being lucky enough to meet each other on this earth, finding a common understanding within the time frame they have available to them? Does it really matter how old they are? is it not a beautiful thing that they managed to meet? Does it matter what their outer shell looks like at the very moment they meet? Isn’t every man a whole lot more than just his age?


What are your opinions on this particular subject? We would like to hear them.

Dan Skili